We deliver Developer and Data Science talent to

Tech managers

How we help your company succeed



We go the extra mile to clearly define your business goals. Identifying what resources and expertise you'll need to achieve the desired outcome.



We go to work and get you aligned with the best talent.  During the interview process you can make sure you feel confident our people are the right fit.



During execution we check-in periodically to make sure quality is put out. We take care of the personal (learning) development.



Take advantage of the expertise and new resources you gained to build the next big thing and conquer any objective with the best advanced technology.

Fields of expertise 

Application development

Building your application or platform with the best talent in computer science/engineering. We deliver the resources. You only have to worry about creating the best product.

Data analysis

Our data experts can help your company to better analyze and understand data. Make better decisions and open new revenue opportunities in your market.

Learning algorithms

Getting into the era of machine learning and deep learning. Make
your business stronger by artificial intelligence against competitors and answer customer needs instantly. 

Development consulting

Does your company face a challenging technical project? Your team got stuck and needs expertise from outside? Tech consults are there to get your project back on track!

Looking for talent to grow your business? Work with us

Not your usual agency

How we help cancer research as tech company

We put our money where our heart is: cancer research

We strongly believe more tech talent should be working on solving huge problems. Cancer affects all our families and friends. At least 20% of our skills and resources is invested in cancer research.

It matters to all of us. It's part of our mission.

Do you have mad skills? Join us!

  • Developer

    We're always looking for the best developers out there. Unlike most recruitment agencies, we're run by developers and engineers. Our goal is the
    get you working in the best development environment possible, give great opportunities to master new skills by a tailored learning plan.

    Last but not least, you'll have the possibility to work on big issues like cancer research within a like-minded team of ambitious people.

  • Data Scientist

    Are you a master at data analysis and number crunching? Unlike most recruitment agencies, we're founded and run by people who appreciate numbers too!

    Our appreciation for Data Science makes us believe your skills should work in an environment where Data Science is driven by exploration and experiment with the goal of helping companies achieve their goals and make better products.

    We're also big believers that continuous learning is important with tailored personal learning plan so new skills can actually be applied and create value.

    We believe Data Science will have more impact than ever before. That's why you'll get the opportunity to work on issues with huge impact like cancer research. Our goal is simple: let you reach your maximum potential with Data Science.

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