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We focus on personal development.

We focus on developer talent that is looking for a company that cares about personal development.

Our main goal: create the best environment for developers to write great software to help clients achieve their highest goals.

Continuous learning and solving new challenges are at the heart of this.

Making impact on human lives is something we take seriously and put our resources towards.

By developers, for developers

We already understand what it's like to be a developer. We want to make sure you thrive in
the best development environment possible and help companies achieve their goals.

Continuous learning

Besides using your developer skills we support you
with continuously learning new skills to master and sharpen your craft in all ways meaningful.

Make impact with your code skills

Our company mission is to put our skills to work specifically to help cancer research. Giving your work even more edge by possible lifelong impact.

Help cancer research with code

We believe applying your code skills can make a difference solving huge problems like cancer research together with a team of ambitious talented people.

Part of NOA's mission is helping cancer research with coding skills. You can be part of this.

How we help cancer research or read our story
Help cancer research with code, software developer

Why join us


Work & Learn

Work for different clients where you play an essential role solving big challenges. We focus on learning while working so you grow personally in your skills and go to the next level within your ambition.


Focus on developers

We're not your usual recruiter or agency. We code ourselves and have been in the business for 10+ years. We focus on real craftsmanship. You'll be in a group of like-minded ambitious people.


Create meaningful impact

We believe coding can create serious impact beyond just applications. Part of our journey includes helping research where you'll need the maximum of your skills to face big technical challenges.

Apply as developer

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In short, how data you submit is handled (privacy statement):
- Your data and privacy are protected by GDPR compliance.
- We don't sell your data to any third party.
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