Our company DNA

We were born different than most companies. As a company, contributing to science (cancer research in particular) is a big part of why we exist and our story. Founded by engineers for developers, engineers and data scientists with a mission to help companies and science advance to make a long lasting impact.

1. Curiosity defines us

We believe tech and science are driven by curiosity and exploration. Nothing is right or wrong unless proven. New insights should be respected and explored in order to reach goals and power our mission.

2. Nurturing over managing

You don't have to tell people what to do or boss them around. People are driven by intrinsic values that should be motivated. Our objective is to harness those values and nurture them by creating a challenging and learning environment to bring people to the next level in tech and science.

3. Career happiness matters

Tech and science are fast-pace environments. You'll probably spent more than 90.000 hours in your lifetime on work (= about 1/3 of your life). We know by own experience it's easy to lose sight on what is important. Money doesn't buy you time and certainly not (career) happiness.

We align your personal and career values and create opportunities to make part of your 90.000 worth a lifetime and beyond by the impact of your work.

4. Cherish your background

We don't care about your race, skin color, gender, religion or anything related. Instead, you should cherish your background and bring it as value to the table.

Your background should be valued, not judged.

5. Be relentless

At the end of the day, results are part of your personal bottom line. Solving big problems is extremely hard and results act as stepping stones towards actually solving them. Therefor we are relentless in execution to create those stepping stones towards results with impact.