Our pledge to cancer research

Our pledge is simple: at least 20% of all client billable hours is
invested in using those resources to contribute to cancer research.

Cancer CDC mortality rate

Cancer is one of the biggest challenges we face in our era.

4 out of 10 people a year get cancer (*). It affects almost every life by its devastating consequences and kills more people than most diseases and wars combined.

* U.S. Department of Health and Human Services research data 2010-2012 'Lifetime Risk of Developing Cancer' - Chart source

Precision Oncology

Precision oncology

Cancer can only be more successfully treated by precision. Without software engineering and computer science, there is no such thing as precision in cancer research and treatment.

Contributing our skills to research is aimed to advancing precision oncology to result in personalized medicine, precision diagnose and tools needed to achieve these goals.

Areas we focus on

  • Collaboration

    Cancer research collaboration

    Making the world of oncology more transparant

    An important ingredient of research is collaboration. How do find oncologists, researchers, labs find each other? And what are they currently working on? We're building a platform to index all of it so they have the opportunity to find each other and reach out for possible collaboration or knowledge sharing.

  • Compute

    Compute cancer research

    Contributing computing power

    In order to crunch research data, you need serious computing resources. Not every researcher/lab has the knowledge to do so. Wouldn't it be nice if we could enable the public to give serious computing power and see how research progresses up close? This way we bring the public much closer to cancer research than even before.


  • Knowledge

    Share (Computer/Data Science) biotech knowledge

    Spreading the knowledge

    Not only researchers should share their knowledge, us data and computer scientists should do it as well. That's why we release code and data to others around the world who want to contribute. We also share knowledge and skills to provide a gateway from tech to science.

  • Research

    Cancer research lab

    Empowering researchers & labs

    We offer our skills and resources to cancer researchers and labs who can't afford the computing and/or human resources to do specific research.
    Funding cancer research is extremely difficult for researchers. So lending a helping hand is vital and necessary.

Our clients get a front seat

This is part of our company mission and really important to a lot of people. We keep our clients actually involved in our progress on our contribution efforts.

Regular updates

You'll get personal updates from our efforts in research. The good, the bad and the ugly. It gives your business a closer look into the actual impact and how progress is made.

Benefit from the cutting-edge

Science and biotech is where cutting-edge tech is done. Knowledge and skills we derive from our research efforts are also used to give your business the advantage. 

Get involved on social impact

Social impact is important for any company. Getting involved and up close to cancer research, a problem close to home, is hard. This is an opportunity to do that.

But still...why?

It's not about being noble or to act like so-called heroes. We do it because it's personal, it's part of our story and what we want to represent. We represent a strong belief that more 'nerds' should put their skills to work solving big issues.

Instead of talking about it, we just do it.

Work with us and make a difference

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