Our mission

Empower the expression of human curiosity through engineering and
science to advance our digital and physical well-being.

Every answer starts with a question

That's not only our business in tech but something we truely believe. We live in
an era where there is more data than we can handle. Data doesn't only have information, it also contains answers.

The story of NOA begins when doctors started scanning and searching for answers to symptoms that, according to known data, where close to the symptoms of something called colon cancer. Luckily, this time data was wrong.

Experiencing or thinking about the possibility of having cancer and a fatal phenomenon endangering your own livelihood is what ignited our search...

It led to this journey. A search for answers. We as engineers (and scientists) believe data holds answers. That curiosity is part of our DNA. Answers through data will be the foundation to solving one of the biggest issues (cancer) we're facing as humans today.

It takes involving everyone on every level to beat this sooner. In our quest trying to find answers we involve the businesses and research community by serving both and bridging the gap between them.

Searching for answers and creating solutions is our business. We put all our years of experience, knowledge and skills to get the best possible results for business clients and science.

It's time to ask yourself this question...

Should the opportunity of making an impact be part of your work-life journey?

If the answer is yes: consider being part of our journey as a client, developerdata scientist or in any way you can.